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Instagram Marketing

Instagram has literally been the proof of concept of the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  The growth of the platform to achieve more than a billion users worldwide is a testament to this fact. Irrespective of if you are trying to display your photography skills, a talent such as your ability to play a musical instrument, your journey to be fit, you penchant for travel or even your attempt to start a business, the social media platform and the quest for its online users to fish for likes has become an important part of the lives of all the billion plus people on the platform. In this article we are going to dig deeper into the Instagram marketing potential.

Instagram goes beyond just pictures, you can post interesting videos clips, create a story feature and upload full-length feature videos letting people across the world know that you exist and are doing something interesting with your life. But how do you stand out from this vast multitude of people on the social media platform? The only way to do it is with increased likes.

Technophobic naysayers, wouldn’t think twice before saying that, humanity has become a addicted to this obsession with likes. But guess what? It feels good to be noticed and appreciated. This logically makes the likes game a good thing! In order to get likes, you need to exhibit something that is of interest to your audience. As a result of this, people are constantly bettering themselves driving themselves hard towards their dream. If this is not a good thing, then we don’t know what is! Instagram marketing is here to stay.

Instagram Marketing with Likesgainer

Instagram organic liker tools such as Likesgainer are simple to use tools that are built using complex technologies like “self-learning” systems that know what you are trying to achieve on the social media platform. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or a freelancer, simply set up the tool with your hashtag preferences and target audience and watch it fetch hundreds of likes for you every day. Our tool is capable of saving you the ordeal of spending multiple hours identifying Instagram accounts and liking them so you get noticed by them.


Successful Instagram marketing

Every good Instagram marketing effort can take all the help that it can get. Organic growth is surely possible on Instagram. But for this, you need the effectiveness of an auto-liker tool like Likesgainer. Our tool is the expert that you need to get the maximum footfalls for your posts and promotions. Once you have a following of a few thousand likes you will get the traction that you need online. To prove our point today, we have decided to compile a list of some of the most prolific accounts on Instagram who have grown steadily to become influences with millions of followers:

• Huda Kattan (24 Million Followers)

instagram marketing

When it comes beauty tips, product features and fashion advice for women, Huda is a name that ladies across the globe swear by. It is safe to say that she is the most powerful influencer in the world. Huda’s channel is known for its remarkable show of makeup trends, review and tutorials.

• Zach King (19 Million Followers)

instagram marketing

You will see some of the most breathtaking videos on Zach’s handle. A filmmaker by profession, Zach s fame on the internet is an inspiration for numerous indie filmmakers across the world. He rose to fame with his famous vines and has grown up to become a red carpet guest at the London film festival in a span of 8 years. Dreams do come true!

• Michelle Lewin (12 Million Followers)

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She was once a model in Venezuela and has since moved to the US. Michelle is easily a star of the fitness world. Considered to be one of the biggest influencers for fitness on social media, her journey has been nothing short of spectacular.

• Nash Grier (10 Million Followers)

instagram marketing

What were you doing at the age of 15? This young social media star began making vines and videos about his life when he was still in high school. Today his fame has taken him across the world, from the US, all the way to New Zealand and Australia to meet his screaming fans.

• Mariano Di Vaio (6 Million Followers)

instagram marketing

When it comes to style and sophistication, the Italians know how to do the best. Mariano is an Italian fashion blogger, fashion designer, and a model. His review of fashion trends for men along with tutorial and tips are highly respected and coveted. Many people consider Mariano’s channel invaluable for the treasure trove of knowledge that is available on his channel about looking dapper and sexy.


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