Top Liking Features

Discover our top liking features to gain more likes & followers and grow your Instagram organically.

Gain Organic Growth On Instagram

Likesgainer is an Instagram auto liker, which helps to gain organic growth on Instagram. Determine your like elements and Likesgainer will work 24/7 to lift your Instagram account to a higher level.

Like by hashtag

Like pictures based on a chosen hashtag. You can choose one or more hashtags that are most relevant to your Instagram page. Likesgainer will automatically like all the pictures that contain the chosen hashtags.
The owners of these liked pictures will notice your like and will then return to your Instagram page to either like or follow you.


Business Tip
Suppose you have a clothing company and you want to be known on Instagram. You can focus on relevant hashtags like #fashion #coats and Likesgainer will like all the pictures with these hashtags. We can assume that the Instagram accounts that have posted those liked pictures are somehow interested in fashion and coats, because they post pictures of it. Those accounts will notice your like and will then return to your Instagram page to either like or follow you. That is what we meant by organic growth.

Like by location

With this great feature you can also focus on a specific geographic area or a location. This makes it possible to like pictures that are located in a desired geographical area or location.


Business Tip
Suppose you have a local business and you want to focus on a specific area or location. Choose the location or area you want and Likesgainer will like all the pictures that are tagged with the chosen location. This way you can target the right audience for your business. Can you imagine this qualitative interaction? ♥♥

Like by username

With this great feature you can focus on an existing target group. Choose an existing Instagram account (user) and likesgainer will like the pictures of all the followers of that Instagram account. Do you know an Instagram account of whom you want to reach the followers?


Business Tip
Imagine you are a company that offers a product or service. On Instagram you come across an account that offers similar products or services. You see that this account has success on Instagram. With this option it is possible to reach the followers of this account. Likesgainer will like pictures of all followers and they will undoubtedly take a look at your Instagram page. With Likesgainer, your worst competitor is your best friend.

Additional Features


With this option you can prevent liking unwanted pictures. This can be done in various ways.


You can add tags to the blacklist to skip pictures that contain these tags. This will prevent distributing likes to useless posts. This makes the liking process more effective and you will get better results.

With this option you can also block specific instagram accounts. Likesgainer will no longer like pictures of these users.


Skip pictures that contain unwanted comments.


Skip pictures that contain an unwanted description.

Account management

We understand that for some companies, the choice of whether or not to use our service must be made rationally. For large companies or users who manage many accounts, we have account managers who can help you both before and after the purchase. You will be dealing with the same account manager from the beginning and he or she will help you with all your questions. Please ask for the possibilities.

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