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With Likegainers you will get organic growth on Instagram, which means real likes and real followers.

First you buy a like package. This package contains a certain number of likes. You can then spend these likes on selected hashtags, locations and usernames. Likesgainer will automatically like pictures with the chosen hashtags, locations or usernames. If you, for example, choose #sport, all the pictures on Instagram with this hashtag will automatically be liked. The owners of these liked pictures will notice your like and will then return to your Instagram page to either like or follow you.


We have a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, you will receive a refund.

It could be that your payment was declined due to any reason. The payment provider (PayPal or Stripe) is declining payments when the balance is too low or there is something wrong with your credit card. You should receive a payment confirmation from PayPal once you complete a payment successfully.

Yes, off course! You can open a support ticket in the top right menu. We will reply ASAP! Don't forget to check your SPAM folder.

Add my Instagram account

It's simple, just click on the "Add Instagram account" and a screen will popup where you have to fill in all fields. Follow the shown instructions.

As many as you want!

Please check if you entered the right username and password. The "wrong credentials" message is most of the times correct. Try to login on to see if your Instagram username and password are correct.

This means that your Instagram account is added to a different Likesgainer account. Please open a Support ticket (you can find this in the top right menu) and let us know the Instagram username that you are trying to add. The Support Team will reply asap and solve the issue for you. Please don't forget to look in your SPAM folder once you contact the Support Team.

Liking Process

If you add your Instagram account, add some tags or other items and if you have enough likes left to distribute (top left corner), the liking process will start within 30 minutes.

If you want to run the service continuously for a longer period please keep your liking speed under 60 likes per hour. If you run the service on higher liking speeds for a too long time it can cause a temporary liking ban (nothing to be worried about).

It's important to know that you are not able to run the service continuously on a liking speed of 100 likes per hour. This will cause a temporary liking ban (don't worry). Use liking speeds above 70 likes per hour for a short period to 'boost' activity for some hours. Once you have increased the liking speeds also make sure to lower it down so the average would stay under 60 likes per hour.

Don't worry, this can be solved. Our system detects the ban and stops directly with attempting to do new likes. It will wait between 6-8 hours and try again to start the liking. If your account still has the ban it will extend the period of non-activity and try it again. It will keep extending the period of non-activity long enough to be able to start again. Try to turn down the liking speed under 60 likes per hour if you experience the ban regulary.

That could be possible. Instagram is continously updating their platform and decreasing limits. Decreased limits could cause liking bans at a certain point, but it's nothing be worried about. Just decrease the liking speed with 10. Current possible liking speed is on 60 but some accounts can do more others less.

This could be due to different reasons. We could have a general problem that we need to fix. Please make sure that you have enough likes left in your account. You can see the amount of likes you have left in the top left corner of your admin page. Also make sure that you are allowed to like images manually. If nothing of this is causing the liking process to stop please contact our Support Team by opening a Support Ticket.

Like Elements

All features work separately from each other so if you select tags and locations to be liked, the system won't look if the tags include the locations you have selected and vice versa.

All features work separately from each other so if you select tags and locations to be liked, the system won't look if the tags include the locations you have selected and vice versa. Also, people can adjust the tags they've entered for their images. In the time the system has collected the images the tags were included, but in the meantime the owner of the images could change the tags or delete them completely.

This feature will like the images that have the location tag included that you have selected. So this doesn't mean that all images from that location will be liked, only the images that use the location tags.

This feature will like the followers of the added usernames. System will collect 2-3 random images per follower and like them. Please be aware that the liked images don't need to include the tags you've selected.

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Likesgainer Promise of Quality

Likesgainer is a dedicated service that helps Instagrammers, especially business owners to reach their target audience effectively. Our objective approach to online content promotion has helped us become the trusted social media partner of numerous businesses and end users. We provide an all-inclusive solution with our services that guide an Instagram handle, right from its first post. Instagrammers from around the world are seeing a phenomenal spike in engagement and realized the power of our Instagram organic growth service.

The Consistency Conundrum

Every IT automation service is susceptible to performance glitches and technical errors. Our systems architecture at Likesgainer is no exception to this. As an online business, there are two basic driving forces behind our services. First up, we have the internal factors over which we have full control. These factors include in-house resources, our proficiency with technology and our creative ability. Then you have the external factors which we have no direct control on. This includes platform related updates, enhancements or down times.


The challenge with this lies in maintaining customer satisfaction when we experience issues originating from external factors. For example, there are system updates that commence with no prior notification. We constantly provide updates for issues that are beyond our scope of control since our customers deserve this added value.

How we Solve Problems?

Likesgainer has established itself as one of the prime solutions for Instagram growth in a very short time. Likesgainer is made up of a team of highly experienced and passionate programmers, creative artists, and business development experts. We identify all technical problems and find resolutions before they begin to affect our service levels. We have a well-established communication channel with the platform that enables us to relay the details of all technical glitches to the concerned technical team effectively. Faster resolution times is our forte and we have grown in the past few years to be able to address unexpected problems with the required amount of quality in the resolution. We streamline customer requests and address each one of them. But in the case of a system problem, we get a heavy influx of customer email. It is impossible for us to answer all questions during such spikes in customer queries. So we use Twitter updates to keep our customers informed of resolutions.

The Likesgainer Promise of Quality

We will go above and beyond our call of duty to give our clients the level of service that we have promised to them. Our dedicated focus on the quality of our services has helped us grow as a business entity ourselves, along with our multitude of clients. Social media excellence is the result of a well-coordinated teamwork and rest-assured, we will continue to be an important part of your quest for excellence and growth of your online business. We thank you for your continued faith in us and we hope to keep the good work going!


Team Likesgainer

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