Buy Instagram Likes & Followers vs Earning Real Organic Growth

Why would you buy Instagram Likes & Followers, if you can realize real organic growth with Likesgainer

Growing is Forever
Real Organic Growth

Likesgainer allows you to interact with real People on Instagram. Reach your target audience to increase your brand awareness and your page popularity.

Give to Get

Have you ever experienced that you gave someone a like and this person has liked or followed you back? Well, this is exactly how we operate. You Give (likes) and Get (likes and follows) back. And the nice thing is that with Likesgainer giving Likes happens entirely automatically.
You choose a number of like-parameters, such as desired hashtags, locations or existing target groups. Likesgainer will automatically like photos on Instagram that contain the chosen like-parameters. This happens 24/7 without you having to look at it. How cool is that?


Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against people who buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes likes to make their page look better. But why would you want followers who have no real interest in your Instagram page? With Likesgainer you reach real people who are genuinely interested in your page..Quality will last.

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Top Liking Features

Discover our top liking features to gain organic likes and followers. Organic? Yeah.. Gain real Instagram likes and followers from real people with our organic Instagram auto liker.


Select hashtags that best suit your business. Likesgainer will automatically like the pictures containing these hashtags.


Select locations that you want to focus on. 
Likesgainer will automatically like the pictures containing these locations.


Select specific Instagram usersnames who have followers that you would like to reach.
Likesgainer will automatically like the pictures of the followers of that specific username.

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Growing is Forever

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 2 reviews
by M. Bisto on Likesgainer
Works good

I have tried Likesgainer and it really works good.

by Christel on Likesgainer
Great tool

This tool really  helped me to grow on Instagram. Happy